What lies ahead for the future economy


The opportunity coming in 2011 is a global opportunity for economy growth. If this opportunity missed, the following year 2012 which is equal to a 5 meaning changes will bring negative changes. If the world seize the opportunity in 2011 , there will be global positive changes. If  leaders miss opportunity missed, there will be much bitter changes in the following year 2012.

That is why it is very important that the American people know what they are doing in this November election.The choices the people make this year election will take us on a course that will tell the outcome of the future. This opportunity in 2011 will not come around again until another 9 years in which the number 4 cycle returns in 2020.And that will be a very long period for anyone to suffer if the people do not vote wisely.

Again, that is why many have predicted that 2012 could be the end of the world. I honestly believe giving back Republicans control of House or Senate will be bad fate for the economic. Why? Because Republicans do not have the skills of compromising and coöperation. And to move forward need those skills. Republicans blockage and No,No will sabotage the economic growth causing catastrophe. The reason why I said that the economy will be much prosperous under the Democrats than the Republicans is because of the letters but I would not go into details at this moment, but the details are real!

Remember after the primary election in 1994 and the Republicans won back control of Congress, they blocked President Bill Clinton Agendas and he hardly got anything done. Then came 2000 year election and that was when President George Bush won the election. The Republicans promised that they would work for the people and the economic, but they never did.

They worked to help cut taxes for the rich and bailed out Wall Street. 2002/4 came the year of opportunity to build up and strengthen the economy, but the Republicans never seize the opportunity in that year. After that year had passed, changes began. Not positive changes, but negative changes. The Housing and Stock market began to decline. Millions of jobs were at risk and everything just keep crashing in. Then came 2008 and 2009 the two most difficult fate numbers ushered an economic crisis since the great depression. That was 9 years ago after 2000 when President Bush took office.

We are at that cross-road again and this November election will tell again whether the people will meet another terrible fate by the mistake they will make. If the people give back control of Congress to the Republicans/ Tea-party or even enough House or Senate seats and they blocked the opportunity in 2011 and hindered President Barack Obama from getting his Agendas to carry out to create jobs and strengthen the economy 2012 will be full of negative changes ushering a greater depression than we ever anticipated. Because we will repeat the same fate but with fuller force. Every 9 years are fate cycle.



PS. Republicans cannot fix economic when they are debtors to their campaign donors! Their donors will be their top priority! They can not serve two (2) masters at the same time. They will forsake one and keep the other and most of  the  people will be the ones to whom they will forsake. The Republicans big donors are the ones who will benefits, than of the American people should the Republicans gain! Republicans are fighting to gain for themselves and their special interests, not you!

WARNING! If the American people give back control to Republicans with either House or Senate they should be ready for great suffering because this is what will happen! If they are ready for that, welcome! Ex-Governor Sarah Palin is only about making a fortune for herself. The American people are wise and should put their wisdom into this election.

They should not let their emotions over the economic downturn cause by the same Republicans to dominate over common sense that the Republicans will work to help the people and create jobs, this is an illusion! The Republicans will work to carry out policies that favor their big donors. Do the American people know who some of these donors are? They are the very same to whom cause the economic to collapsed! Wake up people before it’s too late. Too many are at stake for overly emotions conflicts!

The Republicans plan is not to work with President Barack Obama’s Administration. They are more hoping to gain 2012 Presidential and this will cause another economic catastrophe in which the people will experience greater suffering than they had expected. Republicans’ focus is to gain power to put back policies into place that will favor the big banks, Insurance companies and big Corporation. The very same people who are now million dollars donors to the Republicans campaign!

There will be no time or effort on the Republicans side to work to help the millions of Americans regain back what they have lost during the economic downturn. There will be no time left for the Republicans to concentrate on creating jobs and strengthen the economic. Republicans will mostly concentrate of paying back debts to their big donors and the country and the people will suffer way beyond measure.

Republicans would not work with the Democrats if they won seats to block President Barack Obama;s Agendas to created jobs and strengthen the economy. This will cause the government to shut down and will cause the economic to go back into another greater depression. The American people will suffer greatly.

Republicans are debtors to  their campaign big Companies donors. So who do you think will pay for these debts should they control Congress? Tax payers of course!

Republican Senate candidates Linda McMahon in Connecticut, Rand Paul in Kentucky, John Raese in West Virginia, and Dino Rossi in Washington have all pledged to roll back or cut the minimum wage.

Sharon Angle in Nevada, Ken Buck in Colorado, and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania have all talked about privatizing Social Security — or eliminating it altogether.

Twenty of this year’s Republican candidates for the Senate asked about climate change, and 19 of them have said that the science is wrong.

The American people need not to throw away this grand opportunity of prospect coming in 2011. They must vote wisely! Republicans will jeopardize the cosmic plan for the 2011! Their insipid policies will not aligned with policies needed to take advantage of the opportunity!

My last post I outline the outcome for the November election and asked that the American people give back control of Congress to the Democrats so they can continue working on fully reviving the economic. Something they would not regret. Should they fail to give them back control of Congress and give control to the Republicans there will be many setbacks and disappointment. Because after the November election we will be heading into 2011 which adds up to a 22/4.

2011 Has a greater prospect for economic growth and prosperity if the American people hold to their faith and have more confident in President Barack Obama’s Administration. The economic will definitely gets better starting next year should the people not make hasty choices and cause political confusion of change instead of progressive growth.

The number 4 which is the same number of 2011 when added together, has the number that holds the key to all arrangement and interpretation of form, plans dreams, ideas, and patterns from the material, mechanical, and mathematical to the artistic, aesthetic, religious, and spiritual levels of thoughts and feelings.

Number 4 is the number of rational exposition of principles and ideas. It explains, arranges, constructs, builds, maintains, carries out, and makes exactly the system and formulas which give the matrix for lasting and tangible results. It will turn raw material into particular forms, shapes, and moulds them into harmony with each other. It demonstrated the cosmic order of growth and attainment, and with a powerful and firm hand brings time and space together. Arranges that which never imagined and dreamed of and makes it concrete and applicable  to human living.

The opportunity in the number 22/4

The number 4 represents practicality. It said the number 4 will find opportunity through understanding which requires patience, perseverance, determination, careful and expert attention to details. It said experience is a good teacher for the number 4. That is why the American people should learn from this economic crisis and make the right choices of electing leaders who will move the economic forward and not obstruct its progress. 2011 is not a year to tear down or repeal, but to build up. Anyone who wants to tear down is completely off-line with the energy of the number 4 and will bring destruction.

It said number 4 represent success in machinery and mechanical construction from the most intricate device to heavy industry. It said all type of engineering comes naturally successful to the number 4. It said public utility, farming, cattle raising, dairies, horticulture, landscaping, Real Estate, and all lines of construction projects are successful under the 4 energy.

Clean energy, vehicle efficiency and green house gas, infrastructure, repairing rail-roads and all type of construction can prove very successful and prosperous in 2011. It said all lines of construction from building of homes to world-wide construction projects call to the number 4. Number 4 represent the lead to the head of any undertaking including education and schools. It said the general work of the world has to be done under a number 4.

So as you can see 2011 has much prosperous prospect, but only if we hold dear to faith and patience and not make hasty choices in which could jeopardize the energy plan of 2011. I feel very confidence that if the people have more faith and patience with President Barack Obama and his Administration, things will turn around and be more solidify and prosperous than it had in a long time.

The Republicans are rushing and fighting to take control of Congress when they should be using that energy to work and coöperate with President Barack Obama’s Administration to help the American people get back control of their prosperity into their lives. 2011 represent building up and growth and the Republicans and Independence need to work in favor of building up instead of their parsimonious idea of repeal. If the American people give more House or Senate seats to Republicans so they can block the energy of 2011, they will suffer greatly because repealing and going backward is not in harmony of the 4 energy.

Once again, the answers to the economic progress is all in the numbers, so I do not see why the American people will want to take the Republicans roadblock in exchange for a more forward and straight path to prosperity. We have to wait and see what the American people prefer whether it’s a road to prosperity and brighter days or back to a dark narrow path where only heartaches and suffering amount.


The watchword for the number 22/4 is Construction.


Form, method                                                                                                
Sense of values
Seriousness and determination
Relationship of facts
Foundation for accomplishment


If you study the positive and the negative side of the numbers you will get a bird-eye of what’s happening now and what to expect in the future if you hold to the faith and patience of your leaders now in Congress. They are our blessings and our guide in these hard and difficult times. And if you just have a bit more patience and faith in them, things will work out in the best possibly way for every American. Give them another chance to build and strengthen the economic and keep it moving forward. This in return will build a better life and a brighter future for the American people.

Now here is the meaning of  the number 22/4

  • Lack of imagination
  • Extreme seriousness
  • Too Great detail
  • Contrariness and Stubbornness
  • Opposition and Slowness
  • Exactness
  • Argumentative
  • Very fix opinions
  • Confusion of Change

As you all now familiar with numerology and my last post just recently outline the outcome of the November election. Soon after the election we will be moving into the New Year of 2011. According to numerology, 2011 hold much promising on the economic and jobs. 20011 =2+0+0+1+1 =4. On the compound side of the number, 2011 =22 which is a master number. Now here is the positive and negative side of the number 22/4.

God’s Blessings



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